7Slots V2 Live Casino


Thank you for looking at 7Slots V2 Live Casino. We love to bring you through what games you will be able to play. We Proudly presents 7Slots V2 Live Casino – Newly improved second edition of 7Slots Live Casino where you will have an entirely new experience – more games, more bonus, more promotions, and more fun. Read more here.

7Slots V2  Live Casino is a more advanced online casino where players will be able to play additional games like sportsbooks, keno and its live casino has a lot more suites for players to choose from. With cutting edge technology, 7Slots V2 live casino provides players the flexibility to play from anywhere as long there is an internet connection. Isn’t it fun to play casino games from the comfort of your home?


7Slots V2 Live Casino Section

One particular highlight would be Live Casino section hosting 4 main suites for players to visit and play. The following are the 4 main suites:
PT Suite
GP Suite
AB Suite
EVO Suite
In the Live Casino section, players will be able to interact and play with gorgeous, sexy live casino dealers.

7Slots V2 Live Casino - LIVE CASINO GAMES



7Slots V2 Sportsbook Section

At the sportsbook section, players will be able to predict and bet on the win loose of the sports matches. If you love EPL, or UEFA or any other sports, check this out. The following are the two sportsbook suites where players can play from.
W Sports
I Sports


7Slots V2 Live Casino - Sportsbook



7Slots V2 Live Casino Slot Games

Kaching Kaching! Slot games – more variety, unique design, and cutting edge slot games with your favorite heroes. 4 suites available:
PT Suite
GP Suite
1S Suite
NT Suite

7Slots V2 Live Casino - Slot Games Section



7slots V2 KENO

Try your luck at the KENO section. It is all about the prediction and that luck you have. Get into the keno game now.

7Slots V2 Live Casino: KENO Section



7Slots V2 Poker 

Yes you are right, today at 7Slots V2, you will be able to play poker games with real players. Play poker here. 

7Slots V2 Live Casino - POKER section


7Slots V2 Live Casino Promotions

We love to reward our faithful players with great and attractive deals. Check out various attractive casino promotions below.

7Slots V2 Live Casino - Promotions

7Slots V2 Live Casino Promotions