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CasinoJR was Established in 2003, a leading online casino in Asia providing premier gaming and entertainment experiences to players in the region. CasinoJR has built itself a commendable reputation by providing players with a trustworthy, honest and reliable gaming experience, which is coupled with excellent customer service. With over 350 dedicated staff in its employ plus round the clock operations and support services, each casino gaming session with CasinoJR is surely a fun and satisfying one.

What can players play at CasinoJR ?


We believe in the flexibility and the comfort of playing casino games from the comfort of your home. All you need is your laptop and wifi. Without going to a physical casino, you will be able to place your bet and get instant updates from CasinoJR sportsbook section. At CasinoJR, players will be able to choose between two platforms. They are W-Suite and I-Suite.

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Live Casino

Many have this question, so if i play online casino game from home, will i still be able to have a beautiful casino dealer? The answer is absolutely Yes. With cutting edge technology today, we have a section on live casino where you will be able to choose from 4 different suites, your stunning and beautiful casino dealers will be there waiting for you to play. So hop on there now and play with sexy and stunning casino dealers now. Try it out now.





Slot Games 

Slot games are fun to play. At CasinoJR you will find a wide range of slot games and the different suites available.

  • Live22 Suites
  • 918Kiss Suites
  • 1s Suites
  • Playtech Suites
  • GP Suites
  • Joker Suites
  • AG Suites
  • BBIN Suites
  • PP Suites
  • GSS Suites

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Yes CasinoJRv2 has KENO. Players use their best skills to play KENO at CasinoJR.

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