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As is a online casino gaming site based in Southeast Asia, players may easily deposit and withdraw funds for their online gambling using major banks in SEA countries (Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia). Since caters to high-rollers, their deposit and withdrawal limits are higher than many other online casino gaming sites. Our tests have shown that transactions are generally processed within a few minutes.

The welcome bonuses are exceptional at New players for this online casino gaming site are entitled to up to MYR1288 of welcome bonuses, with a 100% first deposit bonus. Returning players are awarded with deposit bonuses of up to MYR300 per month.

Customer Service
While the customer service is friendly, there was initially a slight difficulty in communication. However, once our concerns were properly communicated, very quickly addressed our issues and we closed our call feeling extremely satisfied.

Being a casino gaming site catering to higher-budget players, uses some of the best in casino gaming software, with fair betting odds and excellent security from hacking.

As a casino gaming site catering to high rollers, does its best to content with other bigger dogs in the industry, and it does it very well. With its fast transactions, excellent bonuses and secure casino gaming software — proves itself to be a strong contender in the online casino gaming industry.