Challenge Yourself with 6 Cards Poker !

Once again, Poker8 has developed another popular variation of poker that is know as 6 Cards Poker. Through this game, players get to put their poker playing skills to the real test and challenge real players from all over the world. The aim of 6 Cards Poker is to arrange your 6 cards into three poker hands – which will beat the corresponding poker hands made by the other players.


Card Deck:-
Joker Deck (52 cards + 2 jokers)
Normal Deck (52 cards)

No Of Player:-
Min 2 Players
Max 4 Players

Game Play Step:-
1.Each player will receive 6 cards using the entire deck
2.Each player must break these 6 cards into three sets of poker hands: three-card hand (bottom), two-card hand (middle), and one-card hand (top)
3.Bottom hand (strongest 3-card poker hand of all three hands)
4.Middle hand consists of 2-card hand (worse than the bottom hand but stronger than the top hand)
5.Top hand consists of 1-card hand.

Showdown and Scoring
In scoring, players will compare each specific hand (top, middle and bottom) with every other player’s hand of the same type.
There are various stakes available in 6 Cards Poker. Each point is equivalent to the stake value. For instance, if the stakes is $5, each point is $5 and $10 stake equals to $10 per point.

The better hand earns a point off of the player with the weaker hand. Refer below for examples.


Special Rules:-

  1. Scooping:
    • When a player scoops (wins all three hands against one player), this player will win a bonus (total points x 2)
  2. Home Run:
    • Second scenario of scooping would be when a player scoops all other players, this player will win a double bonus (total points x 3), this is called a Home Run.



[Download Now] into your PC or Mobile to challenge yourself into few hands now.

We assume you have download the game but wondering where to register yourself to have the log-in details, right? It’s easy, just visit to any of the sites listed below and register an account. Then, you are ready to go and challenge yourself into few hands now.

Good Luck to you!

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