Don’t Cheat! You will get arrested

We love to share a life lesson which everybody knows about it. It is the word or the term cheating. Lets firstly look at the word cheating.

The word ‘Cheat’ is defined  as a verb – to deceive; influence by fraud:


He cheated us into believing him a hero.

We also stumbled upon a news where it is really important for all to read to reflect the consequences of cheating.

What happen?

On Thursday two women and four men, all Chinese nationals, were charged with cheating casino patrons at theMarina Bay Sands, developed by the Las Vegas Sands, and Resorts World Sentosa integrated casino resort developed by Genting Singapore, in Singapore in Southeast Asia.

It is believed that Tao Xuanhui, 32, Zhou Li, 31, Gong Lianghua, 36, Gong Liangyong, 25, Cai Anqiu, 56, and Cai Huahua, 33, were part of a syndicate which cheated, or attempted to cheat, patrons under the guise of helping them place bets.

The suspects schemed in pairs in two separate incidents on Tuesday and another on Wednesday in an effort to obtain cash chips in Baccarat games by falsely leading their victims to believe that they were losing when in fact just the opposite was true.

Police were notified early on Wednesday of suspected cheating that allegedly occurred on Tuesday at 3:43 p.m the Resorts World Sentosa. Gong Liangyong and Gong Lianghua were arrested. In relation to a similar incident, after follow-up investigations, Tao and Zhou were arrested at the Marina Bay Sands casino. Read more here. 

Source: World Casino News

stop cheating

image source: Triple Helix Blog

What are the consequences of cheating?

If convicted, under the Casino Control Act, the six could either be incarcerated for up to seven years or be made to pay a fine of up to $150,000, or both.

cheating cat

The 6 of them got busted!

Lesson of the day:
Do not cheat people, there is always the consequences for you to bear and pay.

For the saying goes.

So lets all be winners. Play by the rule and never ever cheat.

For WINNERS never cheat and Cheaters never wins.

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