Faithful Ramadan and Happy Raya in advance

Beginning on the evening of 23 April 2020 (Thursday), the annual Ramadan season of fasting this year will surely be different from those of previous years for all Muslims who observe this rite. With the world currently grappling with the fallout caused by the rapid spread of Covid-19 and most countries implementing some version or other of a lockdown, it might seem that the cheer and festivities usually associated with the month of Ramadan might be missing elements. However, historically and in religious origins, the observance of the fasting month was meant to remind those within the faith of the plight of the needy. Fasting from sun up till sun down, the practice is meant to put one in the shoes of another less privileged person such as the poor, homeless, destitute, handicapped, etc. So even with the nationwide Movement Control Order (MCO) in effect in Malaysia, we urge all to take the opportunity to count your blessings this Ramadan and perhaps reflect on all you have and that you wish to gain. We hope that this may also be the perfect opportunity to spend unobstructed quality time with your loved ones in a way that is truly meaningful, even if this year we are unable to enjoy the festive vibe of Ramadan bazaars.


YesCasino wishes all within the Muslim faith a Happy Ramadan and Hari Raya greetings in advance. Stay safe and may everyone be in good health.

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