Happy Vesak from Yescasino

Greetings YesCasino readers & followers!

It’s a brand new month and with Labour Day just come and gone, we hope everyone has had a productive time resting up and reflecting to start the new month of May afresh. In such troubling and turbulent times, it can sometimes help to turn inwards and turn to one’s faith. With the Wesak Day holiday happening this week, we would like to wish all who observe the occasion a ‘Happy Wesak Day’ and may peace be upon you.

Celebrated annually and nationwide, Wesak Day is an important day in the Buddhist calendar. It is observed for three primary reasons: to mark the birth of Siddharta Gautama, his enlightenment, as well as the day of his passing. Even though this year’s celebrations will deviate the norm and will no doubt lack the cheer and festivities of previous years’ celebrations, Buddhist devotees have been advised to carry out their prayers and rites at home. After all, the most important thing right now is for everyone to stay safe. We urge everyone to share in the observance of this holiday from the safety of home and with your loved ones.

Happy Wesak Day everyone!

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