Hassle-Free Monetization with get88* Affiliate Program

Are you a natural whiz at networking and have a growing directory of resources? Tap into that
goldmine and start making networking work for you in ways that can yield financial gain – by
learning how you can monetize with get88*’s affiliate program. Come on-board the get88* team and
sign yourself up for a mutually beneficial partnership that offers great promise for lucrative earnings.
get88* is an innovative and hassle-free affiliate network platform that is passionate about
contributing to the thriving online gambling and entertainment industry. get88* has forged
invaluable connections within the industry and has built an expanding list of partner sites that are
growing in popularity. With just ONE signup on get88*, an affiliate will gain access to hundreds of
exciting online gambling products, available on desktop and/or mobile. Through multiple
commission structures that have been specially tailored to meet affiliate needs and a hands-on
support team to assist affiliates every step of the way, what get88* offers is a golden opportunity
that you surely won’t want to miss. Added on to that golden opportunity is the cream on top of the
cake – affiliates can earn from multiple partner sites simultaneously.

So how does a partnership under get88*’s affiliate network work

and how can you benefit from this prospect?

As a get88* affiliate, your primary responsibility will be to promote get88’s partnered sites/brands
and achieve certain targets or milestones, but the execution of any marketing campaign is left
entirely up to you; get88* fully supports and encourages its affiliates to take the initiative and
exercise as much creativity as possible. Promotion can be done through online and/or offline
channels and in return, get88* offers successful affiliates a share of the profits generated through
the players they have introduced and signed up. Additionally, get88* imposes no restrictions on the
number of brands an affiliate wishes to promote at any given time, so there is the potential to bring
in multiple streams of income all at once. Depending on what works best for an individual affiliate’s
needs, get88* has devised multiple commission plans that are each competitive and uniquely
beneficial in their own right. From the long term to the short term, get88* has diverse choices –
there’s the straightforward ‘Revenue Share’ commission model, the ‘Cost Per Acquisition’ structure
which is oriented to boost short-term earnings, then a hybrid of the ‘Revenue Share’ and ‘Cost per
Acquisition’ models, as well as a sub-affiliate system that is designed like the friend-get- friend
model. Offering its affiliates a highly competitive revenue rate and a list of other unbeatable perks
(i.e. dedicated support center, marketing and campaign management tools), get88* has a
wholesome and comprehensive affiliate program that you will be hard pressed to find elsewhere.

Hop aboard before the boat has sailed; you won’t want to miss this unique income opportunity
offered by get88*. To get started, register yourself as a partner affiliate on get88*!


There are many different kind of affiliate network in the current Malaysia market now.
Followings are the sites that you can check it out!

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