Introducing #1st Online Poker Malaysia – POKER8

Poker8 is the first online poker in Malaysia. As a greater number of users demand to play casino on the move on their smartphones or tablets, sites have adapted and migrated their content accordingly to have a compatible apps to play on desktop and mobile devices. Poker8 is a fantastic option for any player looking to play real money poker on their mobile device.


Available on Mobile Devices  :-


 Download for Android

Download for Iphone or Ipad (IOS)

*Kindly scan or click on the QR Code below to download the software for your mobile devices.


Available on Desktop:-


Download for Windows

Download for OSX



Other good features here include an easily navigable and smooth interface and the choice of avatar.


Capture2 Capture3 Capture5 Capture7




Your gateway to endless entertainment is just

fews steps away.


Sign-up & Challenge yourself for a few hands now on the website listed below ! 


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