Is Online Gambling Safe ?


An online gambling site deals with sensitive information: personal data and bank account details. It is very important to be extra cautious while choosing the gambling site. There will be websites which might appear perfectly legitimate but will eventually turn out to be fraudulent. There will be some which might lure you into opening accounts with the promise of large bonuses. Also, there is the risk of being hacked. While the top gambling sites have enough security measures to prevent an act as this, additional precautions should always be taken to minimize the risks.


Finding a safe gambling site is indeed a hefty task. However, a bit of research and a little awareness might help you sort the reliable and non-reliable ones in order to avoid any repercussions in the future.


1) How long have they been around?

Sites that have been around for a long time will ensure their reliability to a certain extent. Since they have been in operation for a long time, they are usually well established. Therefore, they will take measures to make sure that their customers are treated fairly and all their monetary transactions are made in a secured environment in order to keep up to their existing repute. Since they also have longer records of customer service, it will be fairly easy to research whether they can be trusted or not. Yes Casino  help you find the most suitable online casino which conforms to the highest standards of safety and quality.

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2) Licensing/Legal recourse:certiified

Every online casino is licensed somewhere. The laws differ from place to place. It is important to understand how strong the gambling laws are and whether it has a good track record of protecting its consumers. Most casinos in UK also provide legal recourse in case anything goes wrong. Since, the laws keep changing from time to time, it becomes important to stay updated about any changes that might have been made.

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3) Methods of deposit:

Most reputed sites use services like NETteller or FirePay. These services put restrictions on the information that is provided by the user . There will be no access to the financial details, hence it is ensured that they are secure. Casinos which accept only cheques or cash transfers might require further investigation. Never trust a site on how easily the deposit is made.

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4) Methods of Withdrawal:

It is very important to check if there is more than one method of withdrawal. Since, withdrawal methods depend on where you live, it is extremely important to have a sound and regularly updated knowledge regarding the same. Also, when you request a withdrawal, the casino shouldn’t have any trouble granting it to you. Otherwise, it is a sign of trouble.


5) Encryption software:

Online casinos deal with sensitive information. It is very important that the information is securely encrypted. All reputed casinos deal with thousands of dollars of deposits or withdrawals in cash every day, hence they know how important security is to their players. They use encryption software which is 128 bit. Software encryption companies like Cryptologic, PlayTech, RivalGaming and MicroGaming are secure and casinos using one of these can be trusted.

secured data

6) Reviews/Complaints:

Reading online reviews can help us learn about players’ personal experiences as well as gather more information about the casino. There will be complaints which will again give a deeper insight into the kind of problems players might face. One thing to watch out for is websites that might be endorsed by a particular casino. Hence, it is important to check a lot of reviews and then arrive at a common conclusion. Yes Casino is dedicatedly provides highly reliable reviews and ratings of all the major online casinos.


7) Identify red flags:

Sometimes, good and well established online gambling sites might go bad in the wake of a financial crisis or any other situation. It is essential to watch out for the warning signs. When the withdrawals start taking longer times than usual. The rule is once the processing time for payment doubles, you should take all your money out. However, sometimes delay in payments depends on the method of withdrawal used in your country. If the delay is same in every gambling site, there is nothing to worry about. Switching to an alternate method will solve the problem. When the casino stops or slows down communication with the players, it might indicate trouble.


8) Take a free trial:

It is always advisable to try the gambling platform once before making any deposit. Talk to their support staff and see how they handle your questions and doubts.

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9) Players’ responsibility:

While a lot of factors mentioned above can contribute a lot to choosing a safe website, there has to be some responsibility on behalf of the user too. Make sure you read and understand the rules of the type of gambling you are going to take part in not forgetting the terms and conditions.

  • Choose a user name that reveals no personal information.
  • Use a strong password and do not disclose it to anybody.
  • Never reply to unsolicited emails from unrecognized senders or enter any personal information in websites you do not recognize.
  • Keep regular checks on how much you are spending.
  • Use an effective and regularly updated antivirus before you go online in order to avoid identity thefts caused by spyware or viruses.


You should realize that there will never be ‘no-risk’. But how these risks can be effectively reduced depends on the research and the information you gather about the casino you plan to gamble with. Make a checklist for all the sites you consider. Keep factors like better incentives, security and payment methods in mind. Make comparisons and decide accordingly. It will take some time and effort from your end but a little effort is worth it to feel safe.


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