Live22: The Ultimate Guide to Play in Live22

Do you enjoy the thrill of casino games? Do you want to experience that thrill anywhere and anytime? Then you should go ahead and give Live22 casino a try! 

Live22 is a casino that offers the people of Malaysia a wide variety of games to play! Live22 casino is a famous online casino that’s popular for its online slot games, live table poker and other games! 

Here’s the ultimate guide to Live 22 casino! 

Why is Live22 so popular? 

Live22 is popular because it has a huge variety of casino games available to players. All of their games regardless of whether they’re online casino games or live table games are of the highest quality. They are particularly popular for their online slots games but their live table games are also picking up in popularity. 

Aside from that, Live22 is also popular because of how it rewards its regular players. Bonuses and rewards for loyal players are numerous as well as generous. Live22 takes care of their players and players definitely appreciate them for it.   

Besides that, Live22 is an online casino that can be accessed extremely easily. It can be accessed on a variety of devices as long as there’s an internet connection available. You can get on Live22 using Android devices, IOS devices and PC. 

Lastly, Live22 is popular because they’re a trusted online casino. The online casino has a proven track record of paying out player winnings and honoring their bets. Players know when they deposit into Live22 that they won’t get burned. 

What are the bonus and rewards available in Live22? 

As said above, Live22 is popular among players because of the variety of bonuses it has for its players. But just what kind of bonuses and rewards does Live22 offer?

New players are entitled to a sign up bonus. By registering to Live22, new players are automatically rewarded with extra credit and other bonuses. 

Live22 also offers a variety of deposit bonuses. By depositing set amounts and certain specified times, players are entitled to extra credits. That extra credit means you can keep going and get closer to a big win. 

There are also seasonal bonuses and promotions at Live22. A variety of bonuses are available during festive seasons such as Christmas or Chinese New Year. The bonuses are always something different to surprise players and keep them on their feet.

Live22 also has loyalty bonuses available for long time players at Live22. Rewards for loyal players include free spins, extra bonuses and deposit bonuses on top of the regular deposit bonuses available.

There’s going to be more bonuses coming because Live22 is always looking to improve their player experience. Stay tuned to see what Live22 has in store for its loyal customers!

What types of online casino games are available in Live22? 

Live22 has a huge variety of games available to players. They can broadly be divided into two categories; online casino games and live table casino games. Live22 has a huge selection of both. 

  1. Online slots.  
  2. Online poker. 
  3. Online blackjack. 
  4. Live table poker. 
  5. Live table baccarat. 
  6. Live table blackjack. 
  7. Live roulette. 

Live22 is always working to improve their player experience and increasing the number of games offered. 

3 Best Games in Live22    

The best and most popular games offered by Live22 come from these categories of games. They’re what players love the most and are the best that Live22 have to offer.

  1. Online slots 
  2. Online baccarat 
  3. Live table poker  

While these are the most popular games available at Live22, you should definitely still check out all the other games the online casino has to offer. Their other games are great as well!

How to download games in Live22 for Windows, Android and iOS?

You can play at Live22 casino using your mobile devices. Both Android and IOS are supported by Live22 casino. You can download the APK file for Live22 casino online.  

After downloading the APK file and installing the app, you must register at Live22 casino. Then to start playing and winning, you must put in deposits into your Live22 casino account.  

You can access Live22 directly from your computer’s browser when using Windows. 

PS: When you download Live22 and make your deposits, make sure to check when’s the best time to put in the deposit. Sometimes you get extra deposit bonuses in your account depending on when you put in your deposit!  


Live22 is a must try online casino that every avid online casino gamer needs to try. It’s huge variety of games and high quality content will no doubt impress you and keep you hooked! Hopefully this comprehensive guide has answered everything that you’d ask and want to know about Live22 casino. Go and try Live22 casino to win big today!

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