Top 20 Best Online Casino in Malaysia giving out Attractive Welcome Bonus [Updated]

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Yes you are a new player to a casino, what benefits can you get from playing at that particular casino?

We help make things easy by compiling a list of 20 online casinos in Malaysia rewarding new casino game players with attractive bonuses from 100% to 200% welcome bonus.

In general new players will be rewarded with welcome bonus base on the amount players deposit. Simple calculation will be –

Player A is a new player visiting XXX casino. The XXX Casino rewards new players with 100% welcome bonus with a 20 rollover requirement.  

Deposit Amount = RM30

Welcome Bonus = RM30 x 100% = RM30

Amount Player get to play = RM30 + RM30 = RM60

Rollover Requirement = (RM30+RM30) x 20 = RM1200

Before withdrawal is made, player A will need to meet the rollover requirement of 20.

Without further a do, Let us now look at the 20 online casino which reward new players with 100% welcome bonus.

128v2 Casino – 100% welcome bonus

128v2 Casino  reward new players 100% welcome bonus.

New players need to deposit a minimum of MYR 50 in order to be able to get the 100% welcome bonus.

Rollover requirement for 128v2 Casino is at 20x before withdrawal can be made.

Maximum welcome bonus is at MYR 888.

For more information about  the welcome bonus terms and condition click here to find out more. 

Join 128v2 Casino now and enjoy100% welcome Bonus 

CasinoJR Casino – 120% welcome bonus

CasinoJRv2 Casino reward new players 100% welcome bonus. 

New Players need to deposit minimum MYR30.

Turnover Requirement 22x times before withdrawal is made. 

Maximum welcome bonus – MYR388

For additional information about CasinoJRv2 casino welcome bonus terms and conditions, click here to find out more.  

Join CasinoJRv2 now and enjoy 120% Welcome Bonus 

M777 Casino – up to 220% Welcome Bonus

M777’s Advantage Package welcome bonus   – where new players get up to 220% welcome bonus. 

Minimum Deposit – MYR 30

Rollover Requirement  – 25 times before withdrawal can me made.

Expiry Date : December 2018 to December 2019

1st Deposit = 100%

2nd Deposit 50% and

Third Deposit = 70%

For additional information about this welcome bonus feel free to click here now.

Join M777 now and enjoy up to 220% welcome bonus

7Slots Casino – 80% welcome Bonus

7Slots Casino reward new players up to 70% welcome bonus. 

Minimum Deposit – MYR 30

Maximum Payout – MYR 80

Rollover requirement – 5x

Claim frequency – 1x1st deposit, 1x2nd deposit, 1x3rd Deposit (Total 3x)

For additional terms and condition for 7slots welcome bonus, click here now 

Join 7slots now and enjoy 80% Welcome Bonus 

EUWIN Casino – 100% Welcome Bonus

EUWIN reward new players with 100% welcome bonus. Sign up HERE.

Minimum deposit  – MYR30

Rollover Requirement – 20x

Simple calculation
Deposit Amount: MYR 30
1st Deposit Bonus (100%): MYR530
Rollover Requirement: 20x
Calculation: (MYR 30 + MYR 30) x 20 = MYR 1,200
For more information about the promotion terms and condition, click here to read more.

S188 Casino  – 288% Welcome Bonus

S188 casino reward New Players with 288% welcome bonus. Sign up? Click HERE

Minimum deposit – MYR30

Maximum bonus – MYR1,888

Rollover requirement – 25x

1st Deposit = 110%

2nd Deposit 88% and

Third Deposit = 90%

For more information on the terms and condition of the welcome bonus click here to find out more.

Join S188 now and enjoy 110% welcome bonus 

Deluxe Win 110% Welcome Bonus

Deluxe Win reward new players with 110% welcome Bonus.

New players are to deposit minimum MYR 25 and maximum welcome bonus is MYR 110

Rollover requirements – 25x

For more information about the terms and condition, click here to find out more.

Join Deluxe Win now and enjoy 110% Welcome Bonus 

Winning World – 150% welcome bonus

Winningworld reward new players with 150% welcome bonus. 

minimum deposit MYR 25; maximum bonus claim up to MYR 699

Rollover Requirement – 30 times before withdrawal is made.

More info on the welcome bonus terms and condition, click here. 

Join Winningworld now and enjoy 100% Welcome Bonus 

Betasia Casino – 300% welcome bonus

300% welcome bonus divided into 3 deposit.

Minimum deposit – MYR30

Rollover requirement – 30x

Welcome Bonus Maximum Payout
1st Deposit 100% MYR 600
2nd Deposit 100% MYR 700
3rd Deposit 100% MYR 800

For more information about terms and condition of welcome bonus click here now 

Join Betasia casino now and enjoy welcome 300% bonus 

What bonus do you look forward for in an online casino?

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